1. Apt combination of search network and display network – Ads display should be streamlined to strike the right balance for “Search Network” and “Display Network”. This would enable a wider yet right segment of audience to notice your ad
  2. Geographical targeting – Your ad campaign must be customized as per geographical location. If tailored right. this would enhance your audience reach effectively at the Campaign level.
  3.  Focus more on negative keywords – Negative keywords allow you to minimize your cost and refrain from unnecessary clicks. A continues track over negative keywords helps you downsize your clickers to serious buyers and save your PPC dollars.
  4. Ads with utmost transparency – To have that competitive edge you need to differentiate your ad. Use terms which are simple yet crisp to draw in customer’s attention. Boost customer experience by making them comprehend, what turns up next post the click.
  5. Proper Keyword Optimization – Adopt the best keyword strategy. Every potential customer wants to see the exact set of words they searched for. Optimum keyword selection is very useful and can enhance your click through rate immensely. However poor execution of keyword can backfire on your budget quickly.
  6.  Thorough analysis– Proper testing and analysis are the key factors to drive an efficient PPC ad campaign. Reports backed with statistical data enables you comprehend results and streamline respective strategy.
  7. Good timing strategy– The bottom line is how tactfully ads could be aligned with the best time slot to get highest conversion rate. What matters at the end of the day is influencing the right prospect at the right time. Focus on your ad impressions during prime time and optimize your budget.
  8. Appropriate landing pages – One of the most negative experience for a prospect could be being push to a non-targeted homepage. Aim for simple and user friendly landing page that picks up right where your ad left off. Don’t lose your visitor and potential sale by diverting them to unnecessary content.
  9. Maintaining Quality Standards – The Google Quality Score about your website plays a pivot role in deciding position of your ads on the search page. Maintain high score by adhering to the rules set up by Google AdWords and continuously providing quality advertisements.
  10.  Refer relevant search reports– You can track the actual search queries on Google that displayed your ad. These reports should be your actual point of reference to develop your negative keyword list and weed out non relevant searches from displaying your ads.