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Once an application for the grant of a patent is filed, it is examined on compliance with the formalities and patentability provided for under the patent law including novelty, inventiveness and industrial application.

In the case of rejection, the applicant has the right to appeal to the committee within 60 days as of the date of receiving the notification of rejection.

As per the new law, a patent is valid for 20 years. A utility certificate is valid for 10 years.

Patent Search, Patent Registration, and Patent Protection Services

We provide a complete range of patent registration, protection and enforcement services that are customized to your needs and specifications.

Our services include a recording of licenses, assignments, mergers, and registered user of patent rights, prosecution of patent applications, patent availability search, and analysis, maintaining protection rights and annuities, legal translations of specifications, claims, abstract of patents, opposing/defending grant of patents, publication of cautionary notices.