From technology trends to shifting business models to evolving consumer behaviors, there’s a lot to believe in order for today’s marketers to actually have a handle on what’s significant about what’s next. The ecosystem will enable a singular goal of attracting, attractive and retaining new and existing customers by given that information and content that provides them all they require to locate purchase and use their products and services.

Specialist Marketing

Working with industry and media influencers has been the stock and trade of media relations professionals for years. PR professionals are well located to identify and engage influencers for a variety of content marketing based outcomes ranging from guest blog posts to co-creation of content with industry thought leaders. Creating content that depends growth in market awareness and new business requires an integrated approach.

Editorial Based Marketing

Before “content marketing” became the catchword, it called editorial based marketing. PR professionals appreciate how news organizations work. They also understand the worth of widen a story across platforms and distribution across publications. Businesses are investing in content from planning to production to editorial. Corporate Journalism is on the rise and PR professionals are perfectly capable of satisfying those functions or behind them to create forceful brand content. Content created to connect also inspires action – whether it’s a communal share, a transfer or a question to do a story.


Organizations will go deeper into overall strategy with digital marketing – Chief Digital Officers will help organizations lessen their focus on demand creation and heighten it on organizing an end to end customer journey through digital storytelling tactics.

Numerous journalists are moving to the newsroom ship to “brand storytelling” as content marketers and an growing number of public relations firms are embryonic as integrated marketing communications agencies.

As more industries take on content marketing and incorporate their marketing activities across earned, shared, owned and paid media, there’s an opportunity for marketers to beat into the expertise of the PR world.  PR is a disgustingly underutilized approach for marketers and presents a unique means to evolve from Stasis to Storytelling on the Content Marketing Continuum.

Stories can attach with customers on an touching level and the architected narrative of content marketing can give a vehicle for both facts and stories that matter to your customers.